Why Buy Live

  • A live Christmas tree is not only the safest choice, but also the most environmental choice!

  •  Live trees support U.S. farmers.  There are over 350 million Christmas trees growing in the U.S.  Hughes Christmas Tree Farm in Benton, LA currently has 5,000 trees planted.

  • Live trees  provide clean air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases, while emitting fresh oxygen.

  • Live trees provide shelter for wildlife.

  • Live trees are a renewable resource, and can be recycled.  Artificial trees are not biodegradable.

  • The first artificial trees were made from a toilet bowl brush company.

  • Over 85% of artificial trees are imported from China, which have in the past imported beetles with them in the wooden trunks.

  • You can not deny the experience, memories or traditions made from going to a local Christmas tree farm and taking home the tree your family and friends will gather around this Christmas season!